The Wind in the Willows: The Complete Collection 1990 DVD / Box Set

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Every episode from all five seasons of the animated adventure based on the book by Kenneth Grahame which follows the lives of several friends who live on a riverbank near the Wild Wood. Thoughtful Mole (voice of Richard Pearson), charming Rat (Peter Sallis) and wise Badger (Michael Hordern) enjoy a simple and settled existence which is often thrown into chaos by the antics of the weasels and also of Toad (David Jason), who is prone to obsessions which lead him into trouble. The collection includes the feature-length pilot 'The Wind in the Willows'. Series 1 episodes are: 'The Further Adventures of Toad', 'The Kidnapping of Toad', 'The Ghost at Mole End', 'The Great Steamer', 'Buried Treasure', 'Mole's Cousin', 'The Grand Annual Show', 'The Open Road Again', 'Wayfarers All', 'The Weasel's Trap', 'Burglary at Toad Hall', 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn' and 'The Yuletide Entertainment'. Series 2 episodes are: 'Winter Sports', 'Toad, Photographer', 'The Rescue', 'Bankruptcy', 'The Storm', 'Patient Toad', 'The Labyrinth', 'Harvest', 'Auberon's Return', 'The Great Golfing Gambler', 'Gadget Mad', 'May Day' and 'Fancy Dress'. Series 3 episodes are: 'Paperchase', 'Mercury of the Motorbicycle', 'Mr. Toad's Telephone', 'Toad, Astronomer', 'Caught in a Maze', 'School Days', 'Badger's Remedy', 'Masterchef', 'Fire at Toad Hall', 'Unlikely Allies', 'A Producer's Lot', 'Champion of the Green Baize' and 'Winter Haunts'. Series 4 episodes are: 'Auld Lang Syne', 'Bricks and Mortar', 'The Lost River', 'The Tournament', 'Lord Toad', 'Hot Air', 'Fighting Fit', 'Hall for Sale', 'Toad's Harvest', 'Monster of the Wild Wood', 'Remember, Remember', 'Tunnels and Tremors' and 'Happy New Year'. The collection also includes the feature-length Christmas episode 'A Tale of Two Toads'. The episodes from series 5, titled 'Oh, Mr. Toad', are: 'The Chief's Return', 'Oarsman Toad', 'Midsummer Night's Disaster', 'The Complete Bungler', 'Mr. Toad of 'The Times'', 'Toad in Motion', 'Piano-Roll Toad', 'Gypsy Toad', 'Hip-Hip Soirée!', 'Happy Birthday!', 'A Toad in Time', 'Toad in Love' and 'Toad: Film Maker'.