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The Water Margin: Complete Series 1976 Blu-ray / Box Set

Fara subtitrare in limba romana
19 ore 40 minute
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373,00 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 02 Jul - 11 Jul
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All 26 episodes from the 1970s TV series about a gang of outlaw heroes dedicated to fighting tyranny in feudal China. In 'Nine Dozen Heroes and One Wicked Man' Kao Chiu, the Emperor's favourite, unwittingly releases the souls of nine dozen rebel knights from the tomb in which they had been sealed. 'None Will Ever Escape Alive' has Lin Chung faced with the choice of joining the rebels, escaping, or accepting his sentence. 'Both At Last Will Reach the Sea' finds Lin Chung searching for his wife, while being pursued by Yung Chih, who has orders to kill him. 'Ever Busy Are the Gods of Love' sees the rebel heroes attempt to rescue the captured Shih Chin, who got himself in trouble when he tried to find his true love. In 'A Treasure of Gold and Jade' the evil Kao Chiu plots to become Prime Minister as well as head of the army. 'Bandits Who Steal Are Executed' has Kao Chiu dispatch his forces to all corners of the empire in search of stolen treasure. 'How Easy to Die, How Hard to Live' finds Kao Chiu drawing up another plan against Liang Shan Po. 'A Man's Only Happiness' sees Sung Chiang captured by the bandits. 'A Dutiful Son and the Love of a Brother' has Lin Chung gather increasing numbers of recruits, which annoys his arch rival. 'Escape is Not Freedom' finds the Tiger Hunter expressly disobeying Lin Chung's instructions when he arrives at Chiang Chow Jail. 'The Girl Who Loved the Flower Priest' sees the cruel band of bandits under the control of Chin Mao Hu wreaking further havoc throughout the kingdom. In 'Kao Chiu Loses His Heart' Kao Chiu's obsession with the destruction of Lin Chung and his outlaws is increasing, and it leads to a betrayal of the bandits after some evil double-dealing on Kao Chiu's part. 'When Liang Shan Po Robbed the Poor' finds Kao Chiu planning to overthrow the Prime Minister, and robbing several tax collectors in a fit of pique, which draws in Lin Chung to investigate. 'A Death for Love' has Tai Tsung and Yen Li caught in the web spun by Kao Chiu; meanwhile, back in the capital, the Prime Minister accuses Kao of conspiring to steal taxes. 'The Bravest Tiger is First Killed' sees the squire of Kuang Pow ordered by Kao Chiu to end the recent raids on the tax collections in his province. In 'Heaven Aims the Master's Arrow' Squire Kuang and his brothers set a trap for Lin Chung and Hua Yung. 'The Traps of Love and Hate' finds the Great Duke Chai Huen Chen's nephew Sai Chin suspected of being a Liang Shan Po sympathiser. 'A Foolish Sage Who Got Involved' has a mongol warrior employed to claim back rich provinces for the state and also to wipe out any who stand against the Duke. 'Mourn the Slaughter of So Many' sees China increasingly threatened by the Hun forces. In 'A War to End All Wars' Hong and his son travel to see Kao Chiu in order to offer him the power of gunpowder. 'Death of a Great Man' finds old enemies doing deals to repel the threat from the Tsung army, which has fought its way from the borders of Manchuria all the way into China. 'Lin Chung is Beaten' has Chao Kai assassinated and Kao Chiu riding swiftly to Tung-Chi to gloat over his victory. 'A Concubine's Dowry' sees Kao Chiu continuing to corrupt the boy Emperor, who soon becomes infatuated with Li Chih. 'Liand Shan Po and the Millionaire' has the Tattooed Dragon return Feng Hsien safely to her father and Liang Chung Shu openly accuses Lu Chin-I of treason. 'Knight of the Long Sword' sees Kao Chiu declare martial law in the capital city. Finally, in 'The Dynasty of Kao', the nine dozen heroes of the Water Margins gather to the south of the capital city, while Kao flees to the desert and Lin Chung rides to confront him one more time.