The Sinner: The Complete Series 2021 DVD / Box Set

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23 ore 59 minute
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All the episodes from all four seasons of the anthology crime drama starring Bill Pullman. In the first season, when Detective Harry Ambrose (Pullman) gets assigned the case of young mother Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) who murdered a man while on the beach with her family, he finds himself confused when he discovers that the murderer and the victim had no prior knowledge of each other. With no obvious connection, Harry digs deeper into Cora's life to try to determine what could have possessed her to commit such a horrendous crime. In the second season, 15 years later, Harry gets assigned the case of a double murder. The murdered couple, found poisoned in their motel room, were supposedly en route to Niagara Falls but their car broke down forcing them to stay the night in a motel. With suspicions falling on the couple's son Julian (Elisha Henig), Harry vows to unravel the story and solve the case. In the third season, Harry is called out to a car accident which left the driver, Nick Haas (Chris Messina), fatally injured. Suspicious of unharmed passenger Jamie Burns (Matt Bomer), Nick's former college friend, Harry begins to investigate the incident. In the fourth and final season, Harry and Sonya (Jessica Hecht) travel to a coastal cabin in Maine for a break but soon find themselves at the centre of a tragedy. As Harry investigates, he uncovers a deadly feud between two families.