The Outpost: Complete Collection - Season 1-4 2021 DVD / Box Set

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Every episode from all four seasons of the American fantasy drama which follows the last surviving member of the Blackbloods, who with the exception of Talon (Jessica Green) were wiped out in a savage attack. In a bid to hunt down those who murdered her people, Talon travels to an outpost on the edge of civilised society, but soon realises that she harnesses an incredible power that will be called upon to defeat an evil far bigger than she could ever have imagined. Season 1 episode are: 'One Is the Loneliest Number', 'Two Heads Are Better Than None', 'The Mistress and the Worm', 'Strange Bedfellows', 'Bones to Pick', 'The Book of Names', 'The Colipsum Conundrum', 'Beyond the Wall', 'The Vex Rezicon' and 'The Dragman Is Coming'. Season 2 episodes are: 'We Only Kill to Survive', 'This Is One Strange Town', 'Not in My Kingdom', 'Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears', 'The Blade of the Three', 'Beacause She's Worth It', 'Where You Go, People Die', 'A Crown for the Queen', 'There Will Be a Reckoning', 'The Only Way', 'Nothing Short of Heroic', 'In the Worst Corner of My Memory' and 'This Is Our Outpost'. Season 3 episodes are: 'For the Sins of Your Ancestors', 'The Peace You Promised', 'A Life for a Life', 'The Key to Paradise', 'Under Yavalla's Control', 'Kill the Rat, Kill the Kinj', 'Go Ahead and Run', 'Dying Is Painful', 'She Is Not a God', 'From Paradise to Hell and Back', 'The Hardest Part of Being Queen', 'Where Death Lives' and 'Violence Is Futile'. Season 4 episodes are: 'Someone Has to Rule', 'A Throne of Our Own', 'The Gods Thank You', 'Going to Meet the Gods', 'They Bleed Black Blood', 'All We Do Is Say Goodbye', 'The Power of the Masters', 'The Pleasing Voice of the Masters', 'The Price of Immortality', 'Something to Live For', 'Guardian of the Asterkinj', 'The Betrayer' and 'Nothing Lasts Forever'.