The Oslo Trilogy - Three Films By Joachim Trier 2021 Blu-ray / Box Set

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Triple bill of Norwegian dramas directed by Joachim Trier. 'Reprise' (2006) explores the friendship between two aspiring writers and their struggles with rejection, success, fame, relationships, writer's block, and clinical depression. The film follows punk rockers Phillip (Anders Danielsen Lie) and Erik (Espen Klouman-Hoiner) as they decide to submit their respective manuscripts to local book publishers. Erik is less confident of his literary abilities, while Phillip is, at least on the surface, more confident in his and Erik's work. Erik's suspicions are confirmed, however, when the publisher rejects his manuscript and accepts Phillip's novel. While Erik questions whether he should give up and find another profession, Phillip has a psychotic episode. 'Oslo, August 31st' (2011) chronicles a day in the life of a 30-something recovering drug addict struggling to find his way in life. While on day release from a rehab clinic, Anders (Danielsen Lie), a once-promising writer from a privileged background, travels to Oslo for a job interview. Before the interview, he visits friends including Thomas (Hans Olav Brenner) with whom he shared a wild past, who has now settled into family life. As he revisits old haunts and acquaintances, Anders' quiet desperation grows, and thoughts of suicide are never far from his mind. Finally, 'The Worst Person in the World' (2021) follows four years in the life of Julie (Renate Reinsve) as she struggles to settle down and choose a career path while navigating relationships with graphic novelist Aksel (Danielsen Lie) and barista Eivind (Herbert Nordrum) in Oslo.