The Films of Michael Reeves 1968 Blu-ray / Limited Edition Box Set

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Collection of three horror films written or directed by Michael Reeves. In 'Castle of the Living Dead' (1964) the evil Count Drago (Christopher Lee) enjoys experimenting on living creatures. Used to only having animals for his test subjects, he gets a treat when a group of circus performers arrive at his castle. The members of the troupe soon find themselves victims of his latest experiment. Will they make it out alive? 'The Sorcerers' (1967) finds Mike Roscoe (Ian Ogilvy) bored with the swinging scene of 1960s London and eager to try a new kind of kick. He meets Professor Montserrat (Boris Karloff), a hypnotist who has developed a way of both controlling the minds and sharing the sensations of those he hypnotises. Montserrat, along with his wife Estelle (Catherine Lacey), try out the technique on Mike and greatly enjoy the experience of 'being' a young man. But the experience is addictive, and things soon get out of control. Finally, in 'Witchfinder General' (1968) villainous Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price) travels the country hunting down and torturing those he proclaims witches. Spreading violence and terror in his wake, Hopkins encounters little opposition until he persecutes the Marshall family, and young Richard Marshall (Ogilvy) resolves to put an end to the witchfinder's infamy. The documentary 'The Young General' (2022) directed by Calum Waddell is also included, exploring the short life of Michael Reeves.