The End of Civilization: Three Films By Piotr Szulkin 1986 Blu-ray / Box Set (Limited Edition - Restored)

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Triple collection of dystopian Polish sci-fi thrillers written and directed by Piotr Szulkin. In 'The War of the Worlds: Next Century' (1981), a Martian invasion is welcomed by a police state where much of the populace are under the influence of persuasive televised propaganda. Meanwhile, independent news presenter Iron Idem (Roman Wilhelmi) is at the mercy of the Martians when his wife (Krystyna Janda) is abducted, with no choice but to attempt to persuade the citizens to give their blood and sacrifice each other for the Martians. With no sign of his wife's safe return, Iron Idem sets out to expose the repressive tools used by the state to secure public order. In 'O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization' (1985), society has all but disappeared after a major apocalyptic event. A small group of survivors have banded together in a remote, deteriorating bunker awaiting rescue from a mysterious vessel known only as 'The Ark'. But what will happen to them when they learn that The Ark is a work of fiction engineered by Soft (Jerzy Stuhr) to give them hope in the most desperate of situations? Finally, in 'Ga, Ga: Glory to the Heroes' (1986), convicted criminals are sent to live on intergalactic prisons where they will be sent on space missions deemed too unsafe for Earth's law-abiding citizens. When Scope (Daniel Olbrychski) is sent to explore a new Earth-like planet and is warmly welcomed by its inhabitants, he learns of their deadly practice that he will be forced to participate in.