The Devil Is a Part-timer!: Season 2 - Part 1 2022 Blu-ray

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All 12 episodes from the second season of the Japanese anime based on the light novels by Satoshi Wagahara. While trying to conquer the world of Ente Isla, the Demon Lord Satan (voice of Ryota Osaka) finds his plans thwarted by the hero Emilia Justina (YĆ“ko Hikasa), who forces him to retreat through a gate which transports him to modern Tokyo. Taking human form and the name Sadao Maou, he finds a job working part-time in a fast food restaurant and later discovers that Emilia followed him through the gate to be sure of his destruction. Now going by Emi Yusa, she realises that Sadou isn't an evil overlord after all and the two are forced to contend with the difficulties of modern life, in addition to conflict with both the angelic and demonic realms. The episodes are: 'The Devil Screams in Sasazuka', 'The Devil and the Hero Inconceivably Become Parents', 'The Devil and the Hero Go to the Amusement Park As Advised', 'The Devil Learns the Pain of Losing Something Precious', 'The Devil Is at Sea After Losing His Home and His Job', 'The Hero Helps the Devil Re-Equip His Workplace', 'The Devil Learns That Choshi (and the World) Are Bigger Than He Knew', 'The Devil Begins Farming', 'The Devil and the Hero Rise Up to Defend the Sasakis', 'The Devil Adamantly Insists On Buying a TV', 'The Devil Preaches Human Interaction' and 'The Devil and the Hero Focus On What's Happening Right Now'.