The Blacklist: The Complete Series 2023 DVD / Box Set

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Every episode of the American crime thriller starring James Spader. When former government agent turned fugitive Raymond 'Red' Reddington (Spader) suddenly decides to surrender to the FBI after years of evading capture, Assistant Director Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) wonders why and, more importantly, why now. As Reddington reveals to Cooper that he has access to other wanted fugitives and can help the FBI to track them down, Cooper's intrigue gets the better of him and he allows Reddington into the FBI. Season 1 episodes are: 'Pilot', 'The Freelancer', 'Wujing', 'The Stewmaker', 'The Courier', 'Gina Zanetakos', 'Frederick Barnes', 'General Ludd', 'Anslo Garrick', 'Anslo Garrick: Conclusion', 'The Good Samaritan', 'The Alchemist', 'The Cyprus Agency', 'Madeline Pratt', 'The Judge', 'Mako Tanida', 'Ivan', 'Milton Bobbit', 'The Pavlovich Brothers', 'The Kingmaker', 'Berlin' and 'Berlin: Conclusion'. Season 2 episodes are: 'Lord Baltimore', 'Monarch Douglas Bank', 'Dr. James Covington', 'Dr. Linus Creel', 'The Front', 'The Mombasa Cartel', 'The Scimitar', 'The Decembrist', 'Luther Braxton', 'Luther Braxton: Conclusion', 'Ruslan Denisov', 'The Kenyon Family', 'The Deer Hunter', 'T. Earl King VI', 'The Major', 'Tom Keen', 'The Longevity Initiative', 'Vanessa Cruz', 'Leonard Caul', 'Quon Zhang', 'Karakurt' and 'Tom Connolly'. Season 3 episodes are: 'The Troll Farmer', 'Marvin Gerard', 'Eli Matchett', 'The Djinn', 'Arioch Cain', 'Sir Crispin Crandall', 'Zal Bin Hasaan', 'Kings of the Highway', 'The Director', 'The Director: Conclusion', 'Mr. Gregory Devry', 'The Vehm', 'Alistair Pitt', 'Lady Ambrosia', 'Drexel', 'The Caretaker', 'Mr. Solomon', 'Mr. Solomon: Conclusion', 'Cape May', 'The Artax Network', 'Susan Hargrave', 'Alexander Kirk' and 'Alexander Kirk: Conclusion'. Season 4 episodes are: 'Esteban', 'Mato', 'Miles McGrath', 'Gaia', 'The Lindquist Concern', 'The Thrushes', 'Dr. Adrian Shaw', 'Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion', 'Lipet's Seafood Company', 'The Forecaster', 'The Harem', 'Natalie Luca', 'Isabella Stone', 'The Architect', 'The Apothecary', 'Dembe Zuma', 'Requiem', 'Philomena', 'Dr. Bogdan Krilov', 'The Debt Collector', 'Mr. Kaplan' and 'Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion'. Season 5 episodes are: 'Smokey Putnum', 'Greyson Blaise', 'Miss Rebecca Thrall', 'The Ending', 'Ilyas Surkov', 'The Travel Agency', 'The Kilgannon Corporation', 'Ian Garvey', 'Ruin', 'The Informant', 'Abraham Stern', 'The Cook', 'The Invisible Hand', 'Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III', 'Pattie Sue Edwards', 'The Capricorn Killer', 'Anna-Gracia Duerte', 'Zarak Mosadek', 'Ian Garvey: Conclusion', 'Nicholas T. Moore', 'Lawrence Dane Devlin' and 'Sutton Ross'. Season 6 episodes are: 'Dr. Hans Koehler', 'The Corsican', 'The Pharmacist', 'The Pawnbrokers', 'Alter Ego', 'The Ethicist', 'General Shiro', 'Marko Jankowics', 'Minister D', 'The Cryptobanker', 'Bastien Moreau', 'Bastien Moreau: Conclusion', 'Robert Vesco', 'The Osterman Umbrella Company', 'Olivia Olson', 'Lady Luck', 'The Third Estate', 'The Brockton College Killer', 'Rassvet', 'Guillermo Rizal', 'Anna McMahon' and 'Robert Diaz'. Season 7 episodes are: 'Louis T. Steinhil', 'Louis T. Steinhil: Conclusion', 'Les Fleurs Du Mal', 'Kuwait', 'Norman Devane', 'Dr. Lewis Powell', 'Hannah Hayes', 'The Hawaladar', 'Orion Relocation Services', 'Katarina Rostova', 'Victoria Fenberg', 'Cornelius Ruck', 'Newton Purcell', 'Twamie Ullulaq', 'Gordon Kemp', 'Nyle Hatcher', 'Brothers', 'Roy Cain' and 'The Kazanjian Brothers'. Season 8 episodes are: 'Roanoke', 'Katarina Rostova: Conclusion', '16 Ounces', 'Elizabeth Keen', 'The Fribourg Confidence', 'The Wellstone Agency', 'Chemical Mary', 'Ogden Greeley', 'The Cyranoid', 'Dr. Laken Perillos', 'Captain Kidd', 'Rakitin', 'Anne', 'Misère', 'The Russian Knot', 'Nicholas Obenrader', 'Ivan Stepanov', 'The Protean', 'Balthazar 'Bino' Baker', 'Godwin Page', 'Nachalo' and 'Konets'. Season 9 episodes are: 'The Skinner', 'The Skinner: Conclusion', 'The SPK', 'The Avenging Angel', 'Benjamin T. Okara', 'Dr. Roberta Sand, Ph.D.', 'Between Sleep and Awake', 'Dr. Razmik Maier', 'Boukman Baptiste', 'Arcane Wireless', 'The Conglomerate', 'The Chairman', 'Genuine Models, Inc.', 'Eva Mason', 'Andrew Kennison', 'Helen Maghi', 'El Conejo', 'Lazslo Jankowics', 'The Bear Mask', 'Caelum Bank', 'Marvin Gerard: Conclusion, Part 1' and 'Marvin Gerard: Conclusion, Part 2'. Season 10 episodes are: 'The Night Owl', 'The Whaler', 'The Four Guns', 'The Hyena', 'The Dockery Affair', 'Dr. Laken Perillos: Conclusion', 'The Freelancer: Pt. 2', 'The Troll Farmer: Pt. 2', 'The Troll Farmer: Pt. 3', 'The Postman', 'The Man in the Hat', 'Dr. Michael Abani', 'The Sicilian Error of Color', 'The Nowhere Bride', 'The Hat Trick', 'Blair Foster', 'The Morgana Logistics Corporation', 'Wormwood', 'Room 417', 'Arthur Hudson', 'Raymond Reddington: Pt. 1' and 'Raymond Reddington: Good Night'. All eight episodes from the spin-off 'The Blacklist: Redemption', in which Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) discovers more about his mother, are also included. The episodes are: 'Leland Bray', 'Kevin Jensen', 'Independence, U.S.A.', 'Operation Davenport', 'Borealis 301', 'Hostages', 'Whitehall' and 'Whitehall: Conclusion'.