Revolutionary Girl Utena Collection 1999 Blu-ray / Box Set (Limited Edition)

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17 ore 40 minute
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All 39 episodes of the Japanese anime following high school student Utena Tenjou (voice of Tomoko Kawakami) as she endeavours to become a prince. Following the death of her parents Utena is given a rose signet ring by a mysterious prince. Years later she becomes involved in a duelling contest with other student council members from Ootori Academy who have matching rings. Victory results in winning the hand of the enigmatic Rose Bride, Anthy (Yuriko Fuchizaki), and an opportunity to change the world. The episodes are: 'The Rose Bride', 'For Whom the Rose Smiles', 'On the Night of the Ball', 'The Sunlit Garden: Prelude', 'The Sunlit Garden: Finale', 'Take Care, Miss Nanami!', 'Unfulfilled Juri', 'Curried High Trip', 'The Castle Said to Hold Eternity', 'Nanami's Precious One', 'Graceful and Ruthless: The One Who Picks That Flower', 'For Friendship, Perhaps', 'Tracing a Path', 'The Boys of the Black Rose', 'The Landscape Framed By Kozue', 'Cowbell of Happiness', 'Thorns of Death', 'Mitsuru's Growing Pains', 'The Song of the Fallen Kingdom', 'Wakaba Flourishing', 'Troublesome Insects', 'Nemuro Memorial Hall', 'Qualifications of a Duellist', 'The Secret Nanami Diary', 'Their Eternal Apocalypse', 'Miki's Nest Box (The Sunlit Garden: Arranged)', 'Nanami's Egg', 'Whispers in the Dark', 'Azure Paler Than the Sky', 'The Barefoot Girl', 'Her Tragedy', 'The Romance of the Dancing Girls', 'The Prince Who Runs Through the Night', 'The Rose Signet', 'The Love That Blossomed in Wintertime', 'And the Doors of Night Open', 'The One to Revolutionise the World', 'The End of the World' and 'Someday, We Will Shine Together'. 'Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie' (1999) which retells the story of the anime with some alterations, is also included.