Rainer Werner Fassbinder Collection - Volume 3 1976 Blu-ray / Box Set

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Collection of German dramas from director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In 'The American Soldier' (1970), Ricky (Karl Scheydt) returns from the Vietnam War and becomes an assassin for hire in Munich, where he is soon employed by three policeman. 'The Niklashausen Journey' (1970) sees Hans Böhm (Michael König) speak of revelation and revolution, but as he attracts more peasants to his sermons, he becomes set on a path of self-destruction. 'Gods of the Plague' (1970) follows Franz Walsch (Harry Baer) after his release from prison as he searches for his brother's killer. In 'Rio Das Mortes' (1971), Mike (König) and Gunter (Günther Kaufmann) are dissatisfied with their life and, after finding a treasure map, decide to embark upon a quest to Peru to find their fortune, despite the protests of Mike's girlfriend, Hanna (Hanna Schygulla). 'Mother Küsters Goes to Heaven' (1975) sees Emma Küsters (Brigitte Mira) struggling in the aftermath of learning that her husband has killed someone at work and then committed suicide. In 'Fear of Fear' (1975), Margot (Margit Carstensen) is pregnant with her second child when she begins suffering from paralysing anxiety attacks. She does not understand why this is happening to her and the reaction of family members who are ashamed of her behaviour does not help, causing her to turn to alcohol and drugs. Finally, in the comedy 'Satan's Brew' (1976), poet Walter Kranz (Kurt Raab) seeks to overcome his writer's block so that he can recapture his former fame and success.