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Play for Today: Volume Two 1979 Blu-ray / Box Set

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8 ore 05 minute
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269,00 Lei
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Another collection of plays from the BBC's anthology series. In 'Stocker's Copper' (1972) clay workers Manuel Stocker (Bryan Marshall) and Herbert Griffith (Gareth Thomas) are striking for better conditions in Cornwall but the heavy-handed presence of certain policemen threatens to make events turn violent. In 'The Elephants' Graveyard' (1976) unemployed man Bunny (Jon Morrison) pretends to his wife that he is a postman when in reality he spends his days walking the hills. One day he befriends another man, Jody (Billy Connolly), who is in a very similar position. Together the pair bond over their shared desire to avoid employment at all costs. 'Gotcha/Campion's Interview' (1977) features two stories that revolve around two different schools trying to deal with inequality within the education system. In 'The Spongers' (1978) single mother Pauline (Christine Hargreaves) is given two weeks to cover her rent arrears or face eviction. However, due to recent welfare payment cuts she struggles to find the money and worries about how she and her disabled daughter will survive. Meanwhile, preparations for the Queen's Silver Jubilee get underway. In 'Victims of Apartheid' (1978) George O'Brien (John Kani) has newly arrived in London from apartheid-era South Africa, however, his past experiences continue to haunt him and he struggles to move on with his life. Finally, in 'Just a Boys' Game' (1979), set in Glasgow, Jake McQuillen (Frankie Miller) aspires to become known as a hardman just like his revered grandfather (Hector Nicol), who is close to death. However, throughout the course of one day Jake begins to question whether this veneration is really something worth pursuing.