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Marlene Dietrich at Universal 1940-1942 1942 Blu-ray / Box Set

AP-12 (Sub 12 ani, doar cu acordul parintilor)
Fara subtitrare in limba romana
5 ore 45 minute
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223,50 Lei
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Four classic romantic dramas starring Marlene Dietrich. In 'Seven Sinners' (1940) Dietrich stars as a sultry cabaret singer named Bijou who has a reputation for breaking men's hearts. When she takes a new post in the Pacific Islands, US Navy Lieutenant Dan Brent (John Wayne) falls under her spell. However, as well as finding himself at odds with his fellow naval officers Brent also gains unwanted attention from island mobster Antro (Oskar Homolka). In 'The Flame of New Orleans' (1941) Dietrich stars a gold digger who masquerades as a Countess with the help of her maid (Theresa Harris) in order to secure a wealthy husband. However, when the man she is planning to marry (Roland Young) learns of her shady past, she pretends she has a twin cousin. Meanwhile, a poor sailor (Bruce Cabot) who she almost has an encounter with learns of her secret and plans to use it to his advantage. In 'The Spoilers' (1942) miner Roy Glennister (Wayne) and his partner Al Dextry (Harry Carey) are gold prospectors who have travelled to Alaska to find their fortune but whose plans are continually scuppered by crooked gold commissioner Alexander McNamara (Randolph Scott). Meanwhile, things are further complicated when saloon girl Cherry Malotte (Dietrich) becomes embroiled in the conflict between Glennister and McNamara. Finally, in 'Pittsburgh' (1942) coal miner's daughter Josie Winters (Dietrich) has two men competing for her affection: Cash Evans (Scott) and Pittsburgh (Wayne). Both men work in the coal mine but are encouraged by Josie to better their lot in life. Pittsburgh becomes wealthy as a steel producer, but when Josie chooses him over Cash he spurns her in order to marry for power. Josie turns to Cash, who himself builds a successful business just as Pitt's empire begins to crumble - and all this on the eve of WWII. The rivalry between the two men looks set to continue, but will the outbreak of war put things in a new perspective?