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LEGO: Justice League Vs Bizarro League/Batman 2015 DVD

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1 ora 14 minute
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77,50 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 15 Aug - 24 Aug
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Double bill of feature-length animated adventures set in a Lego version of the DC universe. In 'Justice League vs Bizarro League' (2015), Superman (voice of Nolan North) decides he can no longer contain his evil mirror image Bizarro (also North) in Metropolis and decides to send him back to his home planet. Once there the destructive clone forms his own rival group of superheroes to fight back. But when Darkseid (Tony Todd) threatens Bizarro's planet and the entire galaxy Superman and the rest of the Justice League, including Batman (Troy Baker), Green Lantern (Diedrich Bader) and Wonder Woman (Kari Wahlgren), are forced to join forces with their polar opposites in the newly formed Bizarro League to defeat Darkseid and restore order to their universe. In 'Lego Batman - The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite' (2013) Lex Luthor (voice of Clancy Brown) struggles to gain public support during his presidential campaign and decides to team up with the Joker (Christopher Corey Smith), who can produce a special gas that will sway public opinion. After Luthor helps the Joker escape from Arkham Asylum, the pair plan to defeat Batman (Troy Baker) and Superman (Travis Willingham) and bring down Gotham City. The rest of the Justice League join forces with the two superheroes as they fight to save the city.