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Left Behind: Collection 2005 DVD / Box Set

Fara subtitrare in limba romana
4 ore 45 minute
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73,00 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 22 Apr - 01 May
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Christian action trilogy starring Kirk Cameron. In 'Left Behind - The Movie' (2000) chaos ensues on Earth when millions of people mysteriously vanish, causing unmanned planes to fall from the sky and vehicles to crash and burn in the streets. As one of those left behind, journalist Buck Williams (Cameron) embarks on a quest to find the true cause of the devastation. He discovers the departed were all Christians who were instantly transported to heaven to save them from the prophesised Armageddon, leaving Buck and the other non-believers to tackle the arrival of the Antichrist and endure the forthcoming Great Tribulation... In 'Left Behind 2 - Tribulation Force' (2002), a week after millions of people vanished when they were taken to heaven to escape the impending Armageddon, Buck (Douglas), Pastor Bruce (Clarence Gilyard Jr.), Rayford (Brad Johnson) and his daughter Chloe (Janaya Stephens) form the Tribulation Force to help those that still believe and end the reign of the Antichrist (Gordon Currie) on Earth. In 'Left Behind 3 - World at War' (2005) global icon and world leader Nicolae Carpathia (Currie) has finally done the unimaginable - he has managed to unite the world in peace - and bring an end to the bloodshed that has ruled the world since the beginning of time. American President Gerald Fitzhugh (Louis Gossett Jr) has shared that dream, and has dedicated his presidency to making sure that the world's most powerful nation didn't stand in the way. But when a failed assassination attempt opens his eyes to an underground world and a sinister conspiracy, the president must come to terms with the agonising truth - World War III is pounding at the door, and his dedication to the dream of peace has left America powerless to defend itself.