Is This a Zombie?: Season 1 & 2 2012 Blu-ray / Box Set

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All 24 episodes from the first two seasons of the Japanese anime that follows the complicated adventures of an everyday schoolboy zombie. Brought back to life by mute necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe after being mortally wounded by a serial killer, zombie Ayumu Aikawa (voice of Junji Majima) now finds himself living with his cute saviour. If that wasn't weird enough, the appearance of a chainsaw-wielding 'Magical Garment Girl' heralds a new phase for Ayumi, when, after Eucliwood's intervention, he emerges as the world's first magical girl zombie, complete with pink frilly dress. Season 1 episodes are: 'Yes, I'm a Magical Girl', 'No, It's a Vampire Ninja', 'Yes, Hair in Pigtails', 'Whoa, Am I Glowing?', 'Yes, That's Kyoto Tofu', 'Yes, I Summon Death', 'Hey, Which Middle School Are You At?', 'Heh, I'm a Schoolyard Wife', 'Yes, When I Strip Down, You'll Be Amazed', 'No, That Will Explode', 'Yeah, You Stay With Me!' and 'Yes, There's Still More'. Season 2 episodes are: 'Yes, Thank You for This Encore', 'Yes, I'm Now Making a Magical Transformation Again!', 'Aah, Farewell to Me', 'Yo! That's Some Friendly You-nity!', 'No, Get Lost, Good Sir', 'Yes, It Goes Around Every Year', 'No Way, We Were Winning!', 'Mm-hmm, Teacher Is the Greatest!', 'Whoo, a Mixer With Kyoko!', 'Ah, My Darling Is a Ne'er-Do-Well', 'Still, That's Fine' and 'Yes, This Suits Me Just Fine'.