Gothic Fantastico: Four Italian Tales of Terror 1966 Blu-ray / Box Set (Restored)

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Collection of four Italian gothic horror features from the 1960s. In 'Lady Morgan's Vengeance' (1965), after the man she loves is supposedly lost at sea, Susan (Barbara Nelli) reluctantly marries Sir Harold Morgan (Paul Muller), unaware that he's only after her money. Together with his housekeeper and lover Lillian (Erika Blanc), they drive Susan to commit suicide, but she returns as a ghost seeking revenge. 'The Blancheville Monster' (1963) sees Emilie de Blancheville (Ombretta Colli) return home to her family's castle to find many things have changed. Her brother Roderic (GĂ©rard Tichy) is now in charge, the servants have all died and her father is living in one of the towers. He believes the family is under a curse which can only be lifted if Emilie dies before her 21st birthday in five days time. When he escapes from the tower, she must fight for her life. In 'The Third Eye' (1966) Mino (Franco Nero) wants to marry Laura (Blanc), which angers his jealous mother as well as their maid Marta (Gioia Pascal) who wants Mino for herself. Marta arranges an accident in which Laura dies, after which Mino descends into madness and murder. Finally, in 'The Witch' (1966), based on the novel 'Aura' by Carlos Fuentes, historian Sergio (Richard Johnson) is hired by Consuelo (Sarah Ferrati) to catalogue her library. When Sergio meets Consuelo's beautiful daughter Aura (Rosanna Schiaffino), he becomes obsessed with her, but there are forces at work that he doesn't understand.