Ghost Stories for Christmas: Volume 1 2010 Blu-ray / Remastered (Limited Edition)

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2 ore 52 minute
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Collection of four ghost stories adapted by the BBC from the short stories of M.R. James. In 'Whistle and I'll Come to You' (1968) Michael Hordern plays Professor Parkin who heads to a hotel on the east coast of England. While out on a walk he comes across a mysterious bone whistle, the discovery of which ends up having disturbing consequences for him. In 'The Stalls of Barchester' (1971) Dr. Black (Clive Swift) is cataloguing the Barchester Cathedral Library when he comes across an old diary belonging to Archdeacon Haynes (Robert Hardy) who died mysteriously. In 'A Warning to the Curious' (1972) Mr Paxton (Peter Vaughan) travels to the English seaside town of Seaburg hoping to find the last of three Anglo Saxon crowns belonging to the Agers family whose last descendant has recently died. Finally in 'Lost Hearts' (1973) young orphan Stephen (Simon Gipps-Kent) goes to stay at the generous Mr. Abney (Joseph O'Conor)'s estate where he is haunted by two children who previously lived in the house. 'Whistle and I'll Come to You' (2010) is also included. John Hurt stars as James Parkin who, in this version, is a retired astronomer taking a much needed break from caring for his ailing wife when he finds a ring on a deserted beach.