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Earl Cameron 1961 DVD / Box Set

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5 ore 36 minute
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144,00 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 03 Jul - 12 Jul
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A collection of four dramas starring Bermuda-born British actor Earl Cameron. In 'Simba' (1955) a man travels to post-colonial Africa to visit his brother, only to find out that he has been killed by a Kenyan rebel group. When Alan Howard (Dirk Bogarde) arrives in Africa, he soon learns his brother has been killed by the Mau Mau, a group of rebels who are fighting against the newly imposed rule of the white man. Enraged by his brother's murder, Alan decides to stay and put all his energy into fighting the Mau Mau, who he now considers his enemy. However, along the way he falls in love with a neighbouring settler called Mary (Virginia McKenna), who disagrees with his abhorrence of the native people, and tries to put an end to his prejudices. In 'The Heart Within' (1957) young Danny Willard (David Hemmings) and his grandfather (James Hayter) become involved in exposing a smuggling ring after they befriend West Indian immigrant Victor Conway (Cameron). Victor has been accused of murdering a local criminal and because of the colour of his skin he is immediately considered guilty. However, with the help of Danny, who witnessed what really happened, they set about attempting to expose the true culprits. In 'Sapphire' (1959), set in London, the death occurs of a young woman named Sapphire (Yvonne Buckingham). However, the investigating officers, Superintendent Hazard (Nigel Patrick) and Inspector Learoyd (Michael Craig), do very little to solve the case until Sapphire's brother Dr. Robbins (Cameron) turns up forcing the officers to acknowledge the racism present within their community, as well as their own personal prejudices. Finally, in 'Flame in the Streets' (1961) union leader Jacko Palmer (John Mills) has to confront the bigotry of his members when a black foreman (Cameron) is appointed, and the members threaten to strike. However, when he discovers that his daughter (Sylvia Sims) wants to marry Jamaican schoolteacher Peter Lincoln (Johnny Sekka) Jacko must looks inwards and confront his own issues with accepting diversity.