Dario Argento: Symphony of Fear 1987 Blu-ray / Box Set (Restored)

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Collection of three horror thrillers from Dario Argento. 'Suspiria' (1977) follows young American ballet student Suzy Banyon (Jessica Harper) after she arrives at a German dance academy. The violent and bloody murder of one of the students and her friend opens Suzy's eyes to the history of the mysterious academy. As the body count rises, Suzy becomes involved in an increasingly labyrinthine tale of murder, black magic and madness. In 'Four Flies On Grey Velvet' (1971), a musician's accidental killing of a stalker leads him into a web of intrigue and deceit. Roberto (Michael Brandon) is a drummer in a successful rock band. One of the pitfalls of stardom is becoming the subject of other people's obsessions, but when Roberto confronts a stalker one night only to end up stabbing him in the ensuing struggle, he finds himself dealing with a far bigger problem than fan adoration. A masked man has a photograph of Roberto committing the murder and sets out to blackmail him... Finally, in 'Opera' (1987), young understudy Betty (Cristina Marsillach) is thrust into the limelight as Lady Macbeth after an accident forces the main star out of the production. Despite her initial reservations, her opening performance is a success. However, a series of brutal murders follow and Betty is made to bear witness. As the killings continue, she fears that the killer may be someone she knows.