Blood Money: Four Western Classics - Volume 2 1970 Blu-ray / Box Set (Limited Edition)

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Collection of four classic Italian Westerns from the late 1960s. In '$10,000 Blood Money' (1967) bounty hunter Django (Gianni Garko) is on the trail of bandit Manuel (Claudio Camaso) after he kidnaps the daughter of a rich rancher. He is initially in it for the money, but the hunt quickly turns personal when Manuel kills the woman Django loves. 'Vengeance Is Mine' (1967) pits half-brothers Johnny and Clint Forest (Garko and Camaso) against each other. After Clint killed Johnny's father and blamed his half-brother for the crime, Johnny spent a decade in prison. Now an outcast and bounty hunter, when Johnny learns that there is a bounty on Clint's head, he decides to collect. In 'Find a Place to Die' (1968), Lisa Martin (Pascale Petit) is forced to seek assistance from Joe Collins (Jeffrey Hunter), an outcast Confederate soldier now living in Mexico, after bandits attack her and her husband at their gold mine and he is left trapped. However, the lure of the gold is powerful and the men Joe gathers together to help are not to be trusted... Finally, 'Matalo! (Kill Him)' (1970) follows a band of outlaws as they make their way across the country, stealing gold and double-crossing each other until they reach a strange ghost town and come up against Ray (Lou Castel), a mysterious drifter who wields boomerangs instead of guns.