Barbie Princess Collection 2014 DVD / Box Set

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5 ore 24 minute
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Collection of four children's animated adventures. 'Barbie As the Princess and the Pauper' (2004) features Barbie (voice of Kelly Sheridan) as both Anneliese, a princess bored of being confined by royal life, and Erika, a pauper who is her virtual twin. Betrothed to King Dominick (Mark Hildreth) from a neighbouring kingdom, Anneliese determines to see life outside the castle walls before the wedding and ventures out into the city with her tutor, Julian (Alessandro Juliani). There she meets and befriends Erika and, when Anneliese is kidnapped by the Queen's evil advisor, Preminger (Martin Short), Erika is called upon by Julian to impersonate the princess so that they can stall for time to unravel the truth. In 'Barbie and the Diamond Castle' (2008), Barbie stars as Liana, who loves music. When she and her best friend, Alexa (Cassidy Ladden), are given a magic mirror, they realise that there is a girl trapped inside. After making friends with Melody (Maryke Hendrikse), they embark on an adventure to the Diamond Castle to free her from the mirror. 'Barbie: Princess Charm School' (2011) features Barbie as Blair Willows (Diana Kaarina), who is invited to attend Princess Charm School. Once there, she is shown how to conduct tea-parties, taught how to dance and instructed in courtly manners. But when her teacher, Dame Devin (Nicole Oliver), realises that Blair bears a strong resemblance to the kingdom's missing princess, she will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from getting out. Finally, in 'Barbie and the Secret Door' (2014), Barbie stars as the shy and studious Princess Alexa. When she is transported to a magical land after finding a secret door in the royal garden, she meets a mermaid and a fairy who warn her that magic is being stolen by Malucia (Tabitha St. Germain), who wants to take over the kingdom. Can Alexa thwart Malucia's evil plans?