Barbie Dancing Princess Collection 2013 DVD / Box Set

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7 ore 41 minute
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83,50 Lei
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Collection of six children's animated adventures. In 'Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses' (2006) Barbie (voice of Kelly Sheridan) stars as Princess Genevieve who, along with her eleven sisters, discovers a secret entrance to an amazing, magical world where wishes come true. But with their father at risk of losing his kingdom, Princess Genevieve and her sisters must work together to save the day. 'Barbie as the Island Princess' (2007) features Barbie as Rosella, who was shipwrecked as a little girl and grew up with a family of loving animals. After being discovered by Prince Antonio (Alessandro Juliani), Rosella and her animal friends journey with him to his castle, where they uncover a plot to take over his kingdom. In 'Barbie in the Nutcracker' (2001), Barbie stars as Clara, who befriends a brave young Nutcracker (Kirby Morrow) and joins him on a quest to find the Sugarplum Princess. However, danger lurks in the shadows, for the evil Mouse King (Tim Curry) and his dreaded rodent army are waiting to attack... 'Barbie in the Pink Shoes' (2013) features Barbie as Kristyn, a ballerina. When she tries on a pair of sparkling pink ballet shoes, she and her best friend Hailey (Katie Crown) are transported to a magical realm ruled by the evil Snow Queen (Tabitha St. Germain). In order to defeat the Snow Queen and return home, Kristyn must dance in her favourite ballets. In 'Barbie: Magic of the Rainbow' (2007), Barbie stars as Elina, a fairy apprentice who joins others of her kind to make spring's first rainbow. Though the fairies work together, the evil Laverna (Kathleen Barr) tries to thwart their efforts, for she wants to bring forth ten years of winter, instead of spring. Finally, 'Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar' (2012) stars Barbie as Tori, the princess of Meribella, who loves to sing and dance. When her idol, pop singer Keira (Ashleigh Ball), visits the kingdom to perform, the girls discover that they can magically trade places with each other. Although they both have fun at first, they soon realise that living in someone else's shoes isn't so easy after all.