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Balto/Balto 2/Balto 3 2004 DVD / Box Set

Fara subtitrare in limba romana
3 ore 58 minute
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78,00 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 07 Feb - 16 Feb
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Three animated adventures. In 'Balto' (1995) Kevin Bacon provides the voice of Balto, a half husky/half wolf who does not seem to fit into either family. He becomes a hero when a diptheria epidemic and blizzard combine to threaten the lives of the children of Nome, as he has to lead a team of sled-dogs over 600 miles to obtain the life-saving medicine. In 'Balto 2 - Wolf Quest' (2000), Balto (voice of Maurice LaMarche), the heroic wolf-husky cross-breed, and his husky mate Jenna (Jodi Benson) have had a litter of puppies and are doing their best to ensure that they all find a good place within human homes. However, no family seems to want to adopt their daughter Aleu (Lacey Chabert), who is noticably different to all the other puppies. When Balto then tells Aleu about her wolf heritage, she becomes very upset and runs away; Balto follows after her, and soon father and daughter are caught up in an exciting adventure of self-discovery in the frozen north. In 'Balto 3 - Wings of Change' (2004), Balto (LaMarche) begins to worry that the sled team is under threat, as more and more people are relying on aeroplanes to deliver the mail. A race is set up to see who can deliver the mail fastest - Balto's team, or one of the new bush pilots. But when Balto's team wins the race with no sign of the pilot, he begins to suspect the worst, and leads the gang on an epic adventure to rescue him and bring him home.