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And Mother Makes...Three and Five: The Complete Series 1976 DVD / Box Set

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21 ore 40 minute
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146,50 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 22 May - 31 May
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Every episode from the linked sitcoms following the adventures of a careworn mother played by Wendy Craig. 'And Mother Makes Three' followed the struggles of Sally Harrison (Craig), a widow, to bring up her two teenage boys while holding down a job as a vet's assistant. The series concluded with Sally's marriage to David Redway (Richard Coleman), whose daughter from a previous marriage, Jane (Maxine Gordon), brings Sally's household total to five. Safe to say in 'And Mother Makes Five' there are plenty of issues to iron out as adults and teenagers alike adjust to their new living circumstances. The episodes are: 'Simon's Holiday', 'Birthday Bike', 'A Bird in the Hand', 'Get Mobile', 'School for Love', 'Pound of Flesh', 'Mr Mum', 'A Hard Day Out', 'The Matchmakers', 'Growing Pains', 'But How Can I Tell Them?', 'Once a Year Day', 'All Work and No Play', 'Gather Ye Mushrooms While Ye May', 'Father Figure', 'Girl Talk', 'Thank Heaven for Little Girls?', 'A Family Affair', 'Two Hearts That Beat As One', 'Wedding Talk', 'Homes, Sweet Homes', 'A Home and a Job', 'The Eve of the Day', 'And Father Makes Five', 'Starting Trouble', 'The Honeymoon's Over', 'Where Our Caravan Is Resting', 'The Matter of Tiny Feet', 'Seed of Suspicion', 'To the Aid of the Party', 'Wish You Were There', 'If I Can Help Somebody', 'Fair Exchange', 'Love's Labours Lost', 'Double Standards', 'Bridging the Gap', 'For Richer, for Poorer', 'Date Data', 'Part of the Furniture', 'Growing Pains', 'Goodbye Mr Turnbull', 'Friends and Neighbours', 'The Mating Test', 'Legs Eleven', 'Art for Art's Sake', 'Recharging the Batteries', 'Words and Pictures', 'None So Blind', 'Love Is a Most Confounded Thing', 'Unlicensed Premises', 'Sally's Diary' and 'Jobs for the Boy'.