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Trial In The Backwoods / Colton 911: Forged In Fire : Trial in the Backwoods (A Raising the Bar Brief) / Colton 911: Forged in Fire (Colton 911: Chicago) (Paperback)

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10,7 x 17,1 x 2,4 cm
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43,50 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 05 Oct - 14 Oct
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Trial in the Backwoods by Maggie Wells Facing a deadly threat... And fatherhood. The upcoming trial of a millionaire trafficking drugs and humans, sparks escalating violence.

So, when district attorney Harrison Hayes' former love blows back into town, pregnant with his baby, Harry doesn't want her anywhere near the deadly situation. But impending motherhood won't stop special agent Alicia Simmons from springing into action and confronting danger. Colton 911: Forged in Fire by Linda Warren A simple assignment...turns into life and death.

Is Lila Colton a thief? Insurance investigator Carter Finch vows to uncover the truth when he visits her gallery. But his temporary mission goes awry when Lila turns out to be incredibly beautiful...and just a bit lethal. A fire engulfs the building, which puts them both in harm's way.

Is Lila his ally or pushing him into a deadly trap?