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The Transfer (Hardcover)

16+ ani
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23,6 x 16,1 x 2,0 cm
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104,00 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 11 Mar - 20 Mar
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In the year 2047, an intelligent and handsome young man of modest means, volunteers in an experimental memory project and acquires the knowledge and life experiences of a rich and famous North Shore surgeon. This event changes not only his life, but also the lives of his mother, sister, and the memory donor, a wealthy, well-connected Wilmette physician. His newfound powers make him the target of a gang of savvy modern pirates, running a parallel parasitic experimental lab, who want to use the results of the successful brain experiment to quickly enrich themselves. These Machiavellian and highly knowledgeable rogue scientists do not stop at anything, even murder, to achieve their goals. In a new world order where the value system is totally skewed, where money talks, where education (as well as a good life) is reserved only for the absurdly rich, and where human life is no longer very valuable, the young recipient tries to cope with his exciting but highly dangerous new life. The wealthy older donor also finds himself beginning an unexpected, invigorating new life, in the literal sense.