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The Fantasy Collection 2009 DVD / Box Set

Fara subtitrare in limba romana
4 ore 40 minute
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71,50 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 30 Jun - 09 Jul
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Triple bill of feature fantasy adventures. The historical epic 'Beowulf and Grendel' (2005) is based on one of the oldest poems in the English language. King Hrothgar of Denmark (Stellan Skarsgard) murders a troll that has been terrorising his countryside. However, he decides to spare the life of the troll's strange young son, Grendel (Ingvar Sigurdsson), who later becomes a fearsome warrior determined to avenge his father's death. As Grendel begins to slaughter the king's closest confidants, Hrothgar realises that his life is in danger, and he calls upon Beowulf (Gerard Butler) to track down and kill Grendel. As Beowulf searches for the vicious and elusive Grendel, he crosses paths with Selma (Sarah Polley), a beautiful witch whose alliances are divided between Beowulf and his enemy. 'Merlin and the Book of Beasts' (2009) tells a more sinister story of Camelot and Merlin. Camelot has been devastated by a group of monsters set upon destruction after being released by an evil sorcerer who has taken control of the kingdom and destroyed the Round Table. The last remaining knights gather together and decide the only way they can defeat the sorcerer is to enlist the help of the great wizard, Merlin (James Callis). Merlin, however, has become disillusioned and embittered and has retreated to living alone in the woods. Can the knights persuade him to help try to restore Camelot to its former status? 'Robin Hood - Beyond Sherwood Forest' (2009) is a feature-length Canadian television drama based on the classic tale of English folk hero Robin Hood. While King Richard is abroad fighting in the Crusades in 1174, his brother Prince John (David Richmond-Peck) has been left in charge. When the beautiful young Maid Marian (Erica Durance) runs away to escape an arranged marriage, and former nobleman Robin Hood (Robin Dunne) turns outlaw and starts stealing from the rich to give to the poor, Prince John orders the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham (Julian Sands) to do everything in his power to bring them to book.