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Seinfeld: Seasons 1 and 2 1991 DVD / Box Set

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8 ore 30 minute
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70,00 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 04 Aug - 13 Aug
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All 17 episodes from the first two seasons of the award-winning US comedy series. In the pilot episode, 'Good News, Bad News', a girl who Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) met on the road comes to stay at his apartment. In 'The Stakeout', Jerry and George (Jason Alexander) stakeout the lobby of the apartment building of a beautiful woman Jerry met at a party. In 'The Robbery', Jerry considers moving after his apartment is burgled. In 'Male Unbonding', Jerry wonders what to do after realising he no longer has anything in common with a tenacious and extremely irritating childhood friend. Jerry and George get some insider information in 'The Stock Tip' - but do they have the mettle it takes to ride the stockmarket's ups and downs? In 'The Ex-Girlfriend', sparks fly between Jerry - and George's ex-girlfriend. In 'The Pony Remark', Jerry's parents come to town for a 50th anniversary party, and Jerry offends the guest of honour by making a comment about children who own ponies. Jerry has a colourful new suit in 'The Jacket'. In 'The Phone Message', George regrets leaving a string of nasty messages on his girlfriend's answering machine. In 'The Apartment', George tests out the 'man with a wedding ring' theory to try to meet more women. In 'The Statue', a statue Jerry finds in a box of things left him by his grandfather causes all kinds of trouble. In 'The Revenge', Jerry plots his revenge on his launderette after $1500 he had stashed in his laundry bag goes missing. In 'The Heart Attack', George ends up in hospital after believing himself to have suffered a heart attack. In 'The Deal', Jerry and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) discuss whether or not they could ever be more than just friends. In 'The Baby Shower, Elaine asks if she can use Jerry's apartment to hold a baby shower for a friend of hers - with whom George once had the worst date of his life. In 'The Chinese Restaurant', Jerry, Elaine and George head out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant and a movie. Finally, in 'The Busboy', George inadvertently causes a busboy to be fired and tries to make amends - with disastrous consequences.