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Rutherford County in WWII (Hardcover)

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Rutherford County gave generously and selflessly to World War II. Local men and women participated in every significant engagement of the war, in every imaginable capacity, and in every branch of service-from the infantrymen, to the sailors, to airmen, to Marines. These individuals gave their best, distinguishing themselves with bravery, dignity, and unselfishness. At Pearl Harbor, Seaman Mark Alexander Rhodes died on the USS Arizona, and sacrifices continued from December 1941 through 1945. One hundred forty-nine men from the county died and nearly 5,000 others-almost a quarter of the county's men and twice the county's portion-served their nation and served it well. At home, window banners displayed blue stars for each child serving and gold stars for each who died. Three county families displayed two gold stars. Joseph A. McKinney sent seven sons; only five returned. County veterans received almost every commendation, but most have not shared their distinguished services, their memories, or their photographs-until now.