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Once In A Lifetime (Hardcover)

16+ ani
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22,4 x 17,8 x 2,6 cm
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125,00 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 12 Mar - 21 Mar
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Quanda Daniels is a woman of morals who holds her marriage and family dear to her heart. For years she has endured a miserable, sexless marriage. She dealt with the verbal abuse, lack of affection and attention from James, her spouse.

All that changes when she meets the extremely handsome and irresistible Kevin. He is a man who recognizes true love and goes out of his way to prove to Quanda that they are meant to be together. Kevin introduces her to a new way of thinking about her sexuality.

Journey with Quanda and Kevin as they dare to venture into an affair, which opens up an avenue of life altering decisions. Read all about how they endure the trials of their personal lives, while juggling their love affair. Travel with them to their secret rendezvous, and share the pleasures of their sexual fantasies. Experience the growth of their love and passion as they explore each other. See how the love and patience of a good man can transform a good woman's self esteem to new highs.

While Kevin and Quanda's hot and steamy love affair takes on new levels, they are still plagued with issues in their separate lives. Quanda and Kevin find themselves facing family crisis, divorce and drama.