Old Country : The Reddit sensation, soon to be a horror classic (Hardcover)

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'It is almost impossible to put down' - Lisa Tuttle, GUARDIANThe ranch was our dream home. Nestled in the arms of a valley below the Teton mountains, acres upon acres of wilderness, our nearest neighbours over a mile away . .

. Beautiful, serene - isolated. Perfect.

Until, naturally, the only neighbours for miles turned out to be crazy and delivered us a dire warning: The valley is cursed. Every season a spirit will manifest itself in increasingly disturbing ways, starting with an eerie light in the pond, and will kill you if you don't light a fire and-We made them leave then. Put it to the back of our minds and went about living our new, nearly perfect, lives.

Then spring came, and so did the light . . .

With piercing psychological insight and a profound feeling for the natural world, Old Country unspools an unrelenting narrative of terror and suspense. *****'What started as the spookiest of tales on Reddit - I should know, as I love them - sparked a tour-de-force of a novel that perfectly renders the tensions of living in isolation and the unforgiving passage of the seasons' - Thomas Olde Heuvelt, author of HEX and Echo'Old Country ramps up our day-to-day household rituals to dizzying heights of horror. Domestic bliss has never been more terrifying' - Clay McLeod Chapman, author of Whisper Down The Lane'I genuinely found it very hard to put down .

. . Is there such a thing as humanistic horror? If not, I think these guys might have just invented it' - James Brogden, author of Hekla's Children