My (extra)Ordinary Life (Paperback)

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'I absolutely loved this book! Charming, funny - I laughed out loud several times - and plenty of heartstring-pulling moments to boot.' Sarah Turner (The Unmumsy Mum), author of Stepping Up ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever wondered how normal you are? What if you were perfectly average? More than anyone else. For Emily - it's true. When she watches a documentary on the average human she sees her life.

Her job, her hair, her favourite food. All of her - plainly, horrifically average. Even her blood group.

Right there and then, she decides she wants more. She'll travel the world (i.e. venture out of her hometown)She'll become a vegan (it's interesting to hate cheese, right?) She'll do something daring (As long as it's safety tested) Nothing will stand in the way of Emily living her best life.

Not even Josh and his dimples. Because she absolutely can't fall in love... that would be too ordinary.

And from now on, Emily is going to be extraordinary. Praise for My (extra)Ordinary Life'Snortingly funny and painfully perceptive, Ryan is brilliant on the messiness and awkwardness of grief, love, family and figuring out how to be yourself in a world that just wants you to be 'normal'. Emily is one of the most fiercely loveable protagonists I've met in a long time.

I cringed at her mistakes like they were my own, cheered on her victories like they were my best friend's, and felt totally bereft when it was over ' Lauren Bravo 'I LOVED this sparkling debut... Heroine Emily's quest not to be ordinary is both hysterically funny & desperately moving. I laughed out loud & I cried.

Brilliant, immersive & unputdownable.' Tracy Rees'This charming debut is a heart-warming read for some January inspiration' -My Weekly 'Funny, heartfelt, and tackling the complexity of grief in an original way, this debut is far from average' - Heat'Funny and heartwarming' - Closer 'Funny and emotional - this is a top read' - Fabulous Magazine'A sparkling novel with a relatable protagonist' - Woman's Own 'Bradford-based Ryan...goes to the top of the class with this debut about a fresh start that will take you from all-out laughter to tears' - The Sunday Post'PURE JOY' 'This book just spoke to me''Had me chortling out loud while at some points shedding a tear' 'I couldn't put it down''A story that can make you laugh out loud and well-up' 'Vivid, sparkling and entertaining - what a great debut''I LOVED everything about this book' 'Such a gorgeous story'