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Learn to Read Activity Book (Paperback)

16+ ani
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25,1 x 20,3 x 1,5 cm
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A complete plan for teaching your child how to read with 101 fun phonics lessons

Learning how to read unlocks a lifetime of independence and enjoyment for your child. Get your little one excited about reading with this phonics activity book filled with 101 fun and colorful exercises that help teach them foundational literacy skills.

This complete learn-to-read plan will keep kids engaged from start to finish with cumulative phonics lessons featuring coloring, mazes, word searches, and other exciting activities. Bond with your little one and watch them have lightbulb moments as they learn how to recognize letters, sound them out, and put them together in complete words and sentences.

This beginner reader book includes:

  • Play-motivated learning-Keep your child engaged with interactive phonics activities that let them have fun while they learn to read.
  • Parent and teacher resources-Discover handy scripts that help you know exactly what to say to keep your child focused and motivated.
  • Effective teaching strategies-Explore a research-based teaching model that emphasizes practice and independence with helpful guidance and support from you.

Help your child learn to read with the fun and engaging lessons in this phonics activity book.