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Choosing a College (Hardcover)

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Robert Honigman has studied and written about higher education for more than 25 years. He is the author of University Secrets. In Choosing a College he'll tell you things you won't learn in a classroom.

- Chapter One gives 50 key questions to ask in selecting a college.
- Chapter Two presents a critical history of American university.
- Chapter Three discusses why a liberal education is important.
- Chapter Four suggests why you shouldn't go to elite research universities like Harvard or Berkeley, even if admitted.
- Chapter Five describes how major universities are sorting us into "winners" and "losers".
- Chapter Six offers some final advice on education and choosing a college.
- Appendices A-D present thumbnail sketches of Harvard, Michigan, Berkeley, and Texas A&M.
- A final appendix makes proposals for university reform.

To get the best college education you can, read Choosing a College.