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Cherokee Love (Hardcover)

16+ ani
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23,8 x 16,4 x 2,3 cm
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115,50 Lei
Disponibil cu livrare intre 09 Mar - 18 Mar
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Based on extensive research of Cherokee traditions and myths, this mesmerizing historical novel tells of one young woman's quest to find her Cherokee roots. This is also her story of love and of her struggle to achieve her personal goals in the male-dominated society of the 1800's. Deborah Howell, an ambitious reporter, is seeking a human interest story. A captivating Cherokee matriarch tells her own heartwarming love story for the Raleigh newspaper. Deborah, born of mixed blood and raised as a white child, is filled with delight. In the presence of this elderly storyteller her need for her Cherokee family is awakened.

She opens her heart and soul to her colleague, George Boone. After their marriage George tries to control her life. Tragedy drives them further apart, but with every crisis Deborah gains strength by returning to her Cherokee family.

Finding her Cherokee roots is not the only heart-rending event in this saga. The shaman foretells that the Great Spirit will "restore all that was taken away by the evil one." Deborah does not learn the meaning of this prophecy until 16 years later, after her husband's death. With the prophecy fulfilled, Deborah finds more love than she believed possible.