A Clockwork River (Paperback)

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12,9 x 19,8 x 5,6 cm
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65,00 Lei
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Lower Rhumbsford is a city far removed from its glory days. On the banks of the great River Rhumb, its founding fathers channelled the river's mighty flow into a subterranean labyrinth of pipes, valves and sluices, a feat of hydraulic prowess that would come to power an empire. But a thousand years have passed since then, and something is wrong: the pipes are leaking, the valves stuck, the sluices silted, and the once-torrential Rhumb has been reduced to a sluggish trickle.

The fortunes of the Locke family, descendants of the city's most celebrated engineer, are similarly reduced. In a once-fashionable quarter of the once-great city, siblings Samuel and Briony Locke are about to be drawn into a web of ancestral secrets and imperial intrigues, as a ruthless new power arises... Reviews for A Clockwork River: 'Exuberant isn't often a word you'd apply to fantasy novels, but A Clockwork River rushes along at a pace to match the waterway at its heart' SFX 'Delightfully weird and clever' Grimdark Magazine 'Oh, just plunge into this "hydro-punk" fantasy novel, will you' The Times